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The company office address:
Beijing chaoyang district north sanhuan road no. 18
China metrology academy of sciences building no. 4 201
Telephone: 010-84256056
Fax: 010-64525626
Mobile phone: 13811227390

The company production address:
Beijing shunyi districts MaPo stone house camp
Bright street no. 1
Service hotline: 010-88266800



Our company invests 50,000,000 Yuan. We established a manufacturing and testing base of standard gas  .It’s cooperated to build up by Beijing Ruida Certified Reference Materials Technology Co.,Ltd and National Institute Of metrology P. R. China. We take up the heavy responsibility of National Institute Of metrology P. R. China  to be  devoted to manufacturing, testing and sale the standard gas . National Institute Of metrology P. R. China hereby authorize to us which is only one authorization company in china to manufacturing and sale the one class standard gas, second class standard gas and laboratory standard gas .
The company held a solemn and impressive Jie card at agreeable righteousness Ma Po in Peking on December 22, 2011 rites, the rites is calculated new energy environment Han Qiao from bureau chief in graduate school of science institute for research by China to manage, China calculates science institute for research six the country's strong director, director Wu Fang Di and China calculate science institute for research   Read more

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